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HUGE Size! 8.5" x 5.5"

to Give Your Friends a Shout!
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Locker Magnets
Write your message, slap it on a locker!

Locker Greetings: Fun to Give, Fun to Get

Lockernoise locker magnets are the latest way for students to cheer on their friends, show school spirit, or even ask someone to a dance. They are also great for coaches and teachers to use for student or athlete recognition. We currently have seven themes, each with room to write a personal message. (Permanent or ballpoint ink work best.) And, new designs are coming soon! Our magnets are a great alternative to hand-drawn paper decorations, which are hard to move or keep, and require tape that can leave a sticky residue. Students will collect and keep these fun hallway greetings on the outside and inside of their lockers.

Locker Magnets
Add some color to the hallway
and some fun to the school day
with the latest locker decorations.

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Colorful Magnets
Give your friends a shout
and send a message
with the colorful magnets everyone
wants on their locker.

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Sports-Themed Magnets
Please email us for bulk orders
(more than 100 of a single design) as they
require a 30-day lead time to fulfill

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